9.5 Use your decision in an email

Use your decision in an email

In this exercise, you'll use your decision to personalize the delivery of an email and SMS.

Go to Journeys. Find the journey you created in exercise 7.2, which is named --demoProfileLdap-- - Account Creation Journey. Click your journey to open it.

You'll then see this. Click Create a new version.

Click Create a new version.

Click the Email action and then click Edit content.

You'll then see the message dashboard. Click Email Designer.

You'll then see this.

You'll then see this. Drag a new 1:1 column structure component onto the canvas.

In the menu, go to Content Components. Select the Offer decision component and drag and drop this component in the email's content offer placeholder as indicated. Then, click Add.

Select the type of placement that you want to include in the email. In the Placements dropdown menu select Email - Image, then select your decision --demoProfileLdap-- - Luma Decision. Click Add.

You now see all personalized offers and the fallback offer being visualized inside the email designer. Click Simulate Content to preview the email message with a real customer profile.

Start by identifying which profile you want to use for the preview. Select the email namespace and enter the email address of a customer profile you've created on the demo website. Next, click Preview.

Once the email has been displayed and the offer is correctly displayed click on the Close button.

Finally, click Save.

Now, click the arrow to go back to the previous screen.

You'll then see this. Click the arrow in the top left corner to go back to your journey.

Click Ok to close your Email action.

Click Publish to publish your updated journey.

Confirm by clicking Publish again.

Your message is now published.

When you create a new account on the demo website, you'll now get this email:

You have finished this exercise.

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