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Foundation - Real-time Customer Profile - Summary

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Adobe Experience Platform! In this module, you've learned how the Real-time Customer Profile's identity graph is built and also, how to consume the Real-time Customer Profile on a single customer level and through the use of segments. You've learned how a marketer can do that using the user interface and you've also learned how the Real-time Customer Profile can be consumed programmatically through the API.


Let's highlight the benefits of the Real-time Customer Profile :

  • The Real-time Customer Profile is built on a flexible and real-time identity graph which makes it possible to dynamically merge profile fragments across multiple datasets together based on the identifiers.

  • Once profile fragments are merged through the Identity Graph, any of the available identifiers can be used to retrieve a customer's profile

  • Segmentation is now done using XDM as the language behind the segment which makes the segment easily reusable and understandable

  • Segments can now also be created through the API, which makes it possible to define a segment externally in a programmatic way and then insert the segment definition through the API.

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