4.6 Query Service and Tableau

Query Service - Explore the dataset with Tableau

Open Tableau.

In Connect To a Server select PostgreSQL:

Go to Adobe Experience Platform, to Queries and to Credentials.

From the Credentials page in Adobe Experience Platform, copy the Host and paste it in the Server field, copy the Database and paste it in the Database field in Tableau, copy the Port and paste it in the field Portin Tableau, do the same for Username and Password. Next, click Sign In.

Sign In:

Click search (1) and enter your ldap into the search field, identify you table from the result set and drag (3) it onto the location named Drag tables here. When finished, click on Sheet 1 (3).

To visualize our data on the map we need to convert longitude and latitude to dimensions. In Measures select Latitude (1) and open the field's dropdown and select Convert to Dimension (2). Do the same for the Longitude measure.

Drag the Longitude measure to the Columns and the Latitude measure to Rows. Automatically the map of Belgium will appear with little dots representing the cities in out data set.

Select Measure Names (1), open the dropdown and select Add to Sheet (2):

You will now have a map, with dots of various sizes. The size indicates the number of call center interactions for that specific city. To vary the size of the dots, navigate to the right panel and open Measure Values (using the drop down icon). From the drop down list select Edit Sizes. Play around with different sizes.

To further display the data per Call Topic, drag (1) the Call Topic dimension onto Pages. Navigate through the different Call topics using the Call Topic (2) on the right side of the screen:

You've now finished this exercise.

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