Summary and benefits

Summary & benefits

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Journey Optimizer! In this module, you've learned:

  • How to create email and push messages

  • How to apply personalization in email and push messages

  • How to build trigger-based journeys, batch-based journeys and business event-based journeys

  • How to use and deliver push notifications onto iOS devices

  • How to troubleshoot and test push message delivery onto iOS devices using AEP Assurance


Let's highlight the benefits of Journey Optimizer:

  • Real-time customer insights and engagement – An integrated profile fuses live data from all sources across customer touch-points, including behavioral, transactional, financial, and operational data to optimize personal and contextual experiences for customers in their time.

  • Modern omnichannel orchestration and execution – A single canvas on which to harmonize and optimize the customer journey for 1:1 customer engagement and marketing outreach—to help brands deliver more value across the customer lifecycle.​ A convergence of use cases from a single user interface (email marketing, mobile engagement, real-time use cases, offer decisioning, asset management, et al), allows the marketer to accelerate time-to-market and breakdown both technology and organizational silos to ensure a more seamless and consistent customer journey.

  • Intelligent decisioning and personalization – With Adobe Journey Optimizer, brands can apply centralized decisioning and incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning to surface predictive insights throughout the customer experience, making it easier to automate decisions and optimize the experience at scale.

  • Built with end-to-end scale, speed, and flexibility to meet the expectations of any enterprise and with the ease of use to meet the needs of the modern lifecycle marketer and customer experience practitioner.  Built natively on Adobe Experience Platform, the API-first architecture and open framework allows organizations to fuse data from all marketing and customer data sources and easily connect with external marketing and customer touch-points for delivery of actions, offers, and content. We also built the application to meet scale and throughput capabilities to meet the requirements of the largest global enterprises—managing billions of profiles, message delivery of 90M+ per hour and the ability to support burst speed requirements for mobile communications of millions per minute.

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