9.4 Combine Adobe Target and Offer Decisioning

Test your Decision using the demo website

In order to load the demo website project in Adobe Target, you first need to collect a special link that will allow Adobe Target to load your demo website project.

To do that, go to https://builder.adobedemo.com/projects. After logging in with your Adobe ID, you'll see this. Click your website project to open it.

You'll now see this. Click Share.

Click Generate Link and then copy the link to your clipboard.

Go to https://bitly.com, paste the link you copied and click Shorten. You'll now get a shortened link, which looks like this: https://bit.ly/3JxN7aG. You'll need that link in the next exercise.

9.4.2 Collect

Now go to the Adobe Experience Cloud homepage by going to https://experiencecloud.adobe.com/. Click Target.

On the Adobe Target homepage, you'll see all existing Activities.

Click + Create Activity to create a new Activity.

Select Experience Targeting.

Now select Visual and paste your shortened link in the field Enter Activity URL. Click Next.

You'll then see your demo website project being loaded in the Visuel Experience Composer.

Go to Browse mode to click Allow all on the cookie consent popup.

Click the area which contains the text Featured Categories. Click Insert Before and then select Offer Decision.

You'll then see this popup. Select your sandbox --aepSandboxId-- and then select the placement Web - Image.

Next, select your decision --demoProfileLdap-- - Luma Decision. Click Save.

You'll then see this. Make sure the add an additional template rule URL contains your-project-name. CLick Save.

You'll then see this. Click Next.

Enter a name for your offer, use this name: --demoProfileLdap-- - XT with Offers (VEC). Click Next.

You'll then see this. Define your Goal Metric as indicated. Click Save & Close.

Your offer is now created and is being published.

Once your offer is published, you can enable it.

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