10.5 Create a business event journey

This section explains how to use the business events capability in order to perform an "item back in stock" use case

Login to Adobe Journey Optimizer by going to Adobe Experience Cloud. Click Journey Optimizer.

You'll be redirected to the Home view in Journey Optimizer. First, make sure you're using the correct sandbox. The sandbox to use is called --aepSandboxId--. To change from one sandbox to another, click on PRODUCTION Prod (VA7) and select the sandbox from the list. In this example, the sandbox is named AEP Enablement FY22. You'll then be in the Home view of your sandbox --aepSandboxId--.

10.5.1 Create a business event

In the left menu, click Configurations. Click on the Manage button inside the Events card.

Business events are a new type of event you can create inside Journey Optimizer. Unlike the Unitary events that you have created in previous modules, the business events are not triggered by the customer but by the organization. You'll now create your business event.

Click Create Event.

Enter the following values in the Event creation form:

  • Name: --demoProfileLdap--ItemBackInStock. For instance: vangeluwItemBackInStock

  • Description: This event is triggered when a product is back in stock

  • Type: select Business in the drop down

For the Schema, select Demo System - Event Schema for JO Business Events (Global v1.1) v.1. You now need to select the fields in the schema that you require for our use case.

Follow these steps:

Click the pencil icon on the field where it says 1 field selected.

Select all available fields in the schema, then click OK.

For the condition: you need to specify which records in this schema will be triggering the business event.

Follow these steps:

Click the pencil icon on the field where it says Add a condition.

On the left-hand side, expand the --aepTenantId-- object, expand the object joBusinessEvents and drag and drop the field eventName onto the canvas.

For the field eventName, enter the following value: --demoProfileLdap--ItemBackInStock. For instance: vangeluwItemBackInStock. Click OK.

Click OK.

Finally your event creation form should look like this. Click Save to save your business event.

10.5.2 Create a business event journey

You can now leverage this business event and the message inside a journey. Go to Journeys. Click Create Journey.

On the right-hand side you will see a form where you need to specify the journey name and description. Enter the following values:

  • Name: --demoProfileLdap-- - Item back in stock journey. For instance: vangeluw - Item back in stock journey

  • Description: This journey sends an SMS when an item is back in stock to visitor who have shown an interest.

Click OK.

In the left menu, under Events, search for your ldap. You'll find the previously created business event --demoProfileLdap--ItemBackInStock. Drag and drop this event onto the canvas as this will be the starting point of the journey.

As you can see, a Read Segment activity has automatically been added to the canvas. This is because the business events only send a trigger for the journey to read a specific segment, which will then retrieve the list of profiles for that journey.

Click the Read Segment activity. The Read Segment configuration expects you to select the segment that you want to notify of the business event that just happened. Click the Select a segment field.

In the Choose a segment popup, search for your ldap and select the segment you created in Module 6 - Real-time CDP - Build a segment and take action named --demoProfileLdap-- - Interest in PROTEUS FITNESS JACKSHIRT. for example: vangeluw - Interest in PROTEUS FITNESS JACKSHIRT. Click Save.

Next, click Ok.

The next step is to drag and drop the action that we want to perform in this journey. Select the action SMS, then drag and drop it after the condition you just added.

Set the Category to Marketing and select a sms surface that enables you to send sms. In this case, the email surface to select is SMS.

The next step is to create your message. To do that, click Edit content.

You'll now see the message dashboard, where you can configure the text of your SMS. Click the Compose message area to create your message.

Enter the following text: Hi {{profile.person.name.firstName}}, the Proteus Fitness Jackshirt is back in stock at Luma.. Click Save.

Go back to the message dashboard by clicking the arrow next to the subject line text in the top-left corner.

You'll now see your completed SMS action. Click Ok.

Your journey is now ready to be published. Click Publish.

Click Publish again.

Your journey is now published, you can now test it!

10.5.3 Test your business event journey

You'll now simulate the re-stock of a product by ingesting a new event against the Demo System - Event Schema for JO Business Events (Global v1.1) v.1 using Postman.

In the left menu, click Sources and then click on the Accounts tab.

On the Accounts tab, you'll find the account named Journey Optimizer Business Events. Click it to open it.

This account only has one dataflow, click on the dataflow name to select it.

Click Copy schema payload in the right menu. This option copies the entire curl command to insert a record against the Demo System - Event Schema for JO Business Events (Global v1.1) v.1 to your clipboard.

Paste the Curl command inside a text editor

Let's have a closer look to this request,

  • The POST request is sent to the DCS Inlet ID

  • The request references the schema, the dataset and the Organization ID.

  • Finally it contains the xdmEntity node which represents the data that we want to create inside the dataset.

You now need to replace the following xdmEntity line...

"xdmEntity": {
  "_experienceplatform": {
    "joBusinessEvents": {
      "eventDescription": "string",
      "eventName": "string",
      "stockEventId": "string"
  "_id": "/uri-reference",
  "eventType": "advertising.completes",
  "timestamp": "2018-11-12T20:20:39+00:00"

...by this line, make sure to verify the field eventName as it should say --demoProfileLdap--ItemBackInStock, which represents the condition you have specified in your business event to trigger your journey.

"xdmEntity": {
  "_experienceplatform": {
    "joBusinessEvents": {
      "eventDescription": "Product Proteus Fitness Jackshirt is back in stock",
      "eventName": "--demoProfileLdap--ItemBackInStock",
      "stockEventId": "1"
  "_id": "/uri-reference",
  "eventType": "productBackInStock",
  "timestamp": "2021-04-19T15:25:39+00:00"

The updated curl command should look like this:

Select all of it and copy it to your clipboard.

Open Postman. On the left-hand side of Postman, click Import.

Select the Raw text tab and paste the command previously copied here. Click Continue.

Click Import.

Postman has automatically converted the curl command into a REST command ready to be triggered, simply press the Send button to request the creation of that record inside the dataset.

Verify that your request has been successfully received. Look for a 200 OK status in postman.

The SMS may take a couple of minutes to arrive on your mobile phone. If it does not, your Interest in Proteus Fitness Jackshirt segment may not contain a profile with a correct mobile phone. If so, go on the Luma website, visit the Proteus Fitness Jackshirt product and register while making sure you provide the correct mobile phone number.

You have now finished this exercise.

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