0.3 Set up the website

Getting Started - Use the website

0.3.1 Option 1: Access the web project from Quick Setup

If you don't have the below screen open anymore, scroll down to exercise 0.3.2 instead.

After exercise 0.1, you had this result. Click to open the Web Retail project that was created for you.

0.3.2 Option 2: Access the web project from DSN Projects

In case you had accidentally closed your browser window, or for future demo or enablement sessions, you can also access your website project by going to https://builder.adobedemo.com/projects. After logging in with your Adobe ID, you'll see this. Click your website project to open it.

0.3.3 Hook up and start the project in a new incognito browser window

You can now follow the below flow to access the website. Click Integrations.

On the Integrations page, you need to select the Data Collection property that was created in exercise 0.1.

You'll then see your demo website open up. Select the URL and copy it to your clipboard.

Open a new incognito browser window.

Paste the URL of your demo website, which you copied in the previous step. You'll then be asked to login using your Adobe ID.

Select your account type and complete the login process.

You'll then see your website loaded in an incognito browser window. For every demonstration, you'll need to use a fresh, incognito browser window to load your demo website URL.

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