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Real-time CDP - Build a segment and take action - Summary

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Real-time CDP and Adobe Experience Platform! In this module, you've learned how to configure a segment and activate it for streaming qualification and how to take action and send that segment to Google DV360, Google AdWords, Amazon S3 and Adobe Target.


Let's highlight the benefits of taking action with Adobe Experience Platform:

  • Every segment that is built in Adobe Experience Platform is automatically available to applications like Adobe Target through Adobe Experience Cloud's People Core Service and Audience Library. With that, you build your segment once and reuse it across all the Adobe ecosystem

  • Segments can be sent to a number of out-of-the-box destinations that are available as part of the Real-time CDP application service. These destinations include DSPs like Google DV360, The Trade Desk, ESPs like Adobe Campaign, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Oracle Eloqua and Oracle Responsys and other destinations like Amazon S3 and more.

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