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Ingest & Analyze Google Analytics data in Adobe Experience Platform with the BigQuery Source Connector - Summary

Congratulations and thank you for investing your time in learning about Customer Journey Analytics and Adobe Experience Platform! In this module, you've learned how to ingest data from Google Cloud Platform, Google Analytics and Google BigQuery into Adobe Experience Platform to then analyze that data through Customer Journey Analytics.

Adobe Experience Platform has several readily available turnkey integrations which will easily and quickly integrate with your existing technology stack. The BigQuery Source Connector is a platform agnostic tool allowing you to integrate with the major analytics platform and immediately enrich your existing customer profile creating a more comprehensive customer view without any disruption to your current process.


Let's highlight the benefits of using Customer Journey Analytics together with Adobe Experience Platform:

  • With Customer Journey Analytics, you can now join data from any source in real-time. Analyzing the customer journey is now no longer limited to web and mobile applications so you can bring in data from non-Adobe environments like Google Cloud Platform and Google BigQuery.

  • With Customer Journey Analytics, you can join the data flexibly when adding datasets from various sources into the same data view. This offers you, as an analyst, a lot of flexibility and options to look at data in different ways.

  • Customer Journey Analytics doesn't require a separate implementation of data sources anymore. All data that resides in Adobe Experience Platform can be used out of the box. Your Google Analytics data that was ingested in Adobe Experience Platform can be used for visualization but also for activation through the Real-time CDP application service and for data science using Data Science Workspace.

  • You can now benefit from using only one data collection implementation across all your online sources. With Web SDK and Adobe Experience Platform, data is ingested in an XDM format, which means that as an analyst you can focus on getting insights out of the data instead of having to implement your own tracking.

You can now:

  • Integrate quickly, with no disruption, with your current technology stack. Centralizing your proprietary and third party data eliminates the need to do repetitive and manual tasks across multiple applications.

  • Accelerate your time to value by using turnkey integrations with major analytics platforms such as Google Cloud Platform or other external data sources.

  • You will start to collect data sooner and can use these insights to propose new experiences and go to market quicker. This democratization of data will allow for quicker insights and speed up time to market.

  • You will get a more complete picture of the customer's journey, and understand where the pain points are, optimize for conversions, churn mitigation, and personalized follow up.

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