4.5 Query Service and Power BI

Query Service - Explore the dataset with Power BI

Open Microsoft Power BI Desktop.

Click Get Data.

Search for postgres (1), select Postgres (2) from the list and Connect (3).

Go to Adobe Experience Platform, to Queries and to Credentials.

From the Credentials page in Adobe Experience Platform, copy the Host and paste it in the Server field, and copy the Database and paste it in the Database field in PowerBI, then click OK (2).

Make sure to include port :80 at the end of the Server value because the Query Service does not currently use the default PostgreSQL port of 5432.

In the next dialog populate the User name and Password with your Username and Password found in the Credentials of Queries in Adobe Experience Platform.

In the Navigator dialog, put your LDAP in the search field (1) to locate your CTAS datasets and check the box next to each (2). Then click Load (3).

Make sure the Report tab (1) is selected.

Select the map (1) and after it is added to the reporting canvas, enlarge the map (2).

Next we need to define the measures and the dimensions, you do this by dragging fields from the fields section onto the corresponding placeholders (located under visualizations) as indicated below:

As measure we will use a count of customerId. Drag the crmid field from the fields section into the Size placeholder:

Finally, to do some callTopic analysis, let's drag the callTopic field on to the Page level filters placeholder (you might have to scroll in the visualizations section);

Select/unselect callTopics to investigate:

You've now finished this exercise.

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