15.3 Configure HTTP API Streaming endpoint in Adobe Experience Platform

Configure HTTP API endpoint in Adobe Experience Platform

Before you can set up the Adobe Experience Platform Sink Connector in Kafka, you need to create an HTTP API Source Connector in Adobe Experience Platform. The HTTP API Streaming endpoint URL is required to set up the Adobe Experience Platform Sink Connector.

To create an HTTP API Source Connector, log in to Adobe Experience Platform by going to this URL: https://experience.adobe.com/platform.

After logging in, you'll land on the homepage of Adobe Experience Platform.

Before you continue, you need to select a sandbox. The sandbox to select is named --aepSandboxId--. You can do this by clicking the text [Production Prod] in the blue line on top of your screen. After selecting the appropriate sandbox, you'll see the screen change and now you're in your dedicated sandbox.

In the left menu, go to Sources and scroll down in the Sources Catalog until you see HTTP API. Click Add Data.

Click New account. Use --demoProfileLdap-- - Kafka as the name for your HTTP API connection, in this case vangeluw - Kafka. Enable the checkbox for XDM Compatible. Click Connect to source.

You'll then see this, click Next.

Select Existing dataset, open the dropdown menu. Search and select the dataset Demo System - Event Dataset for Call Center (Global v1.1).

Click Next.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

You'll then see an overview of the HTTP API Source Connector you just created.

You'll need to copy the Streaming endpoint URL, which looks like the one below, as you'll need it in the next exercise.


You have finished this exercise.

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