6.3 Take Action: send your segment to DV360

Real-time CDP - Build a segment and take action - Send your segment to DV360

Go to Adobe Experience Platform. After logging in, you'll land on the homepage of Adobe Experience Platform.

Before you continue, you need to select a sandbox. The sandbox to select is named --aepSandboxId--. You can do this by clicking the text [!UICONTROL Production Prod] in the blue line on top of your screen. After selecting the appropriate [!UICONTROL sandbox], you'll see the screen change and now you're in your dedicated [!UICONTROL sandbox].

In the left menu, go to Destinations, then go to Catalog. You'll then see the Destinations Catalog.

In Destinations, click the Activate Segments on the Google Display & Video 360 card.

Select your destination and click Next.

In the list of available segments, select the segment you created in the previous exercise. Click Next.

On the Segment Schedule page, click Next.

Finally, on the Review page, click Finish.

Your segment is now linked to Google DV360. Every time a customer qualifies for this segment, a signal will be sent to Google DV360 to include that customer in the Audience at Google DV360 side.

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