14.2 Update your Datastream to make data available to your Data Collection Event Forwarding property

Update your Datastream to make data available to your Adobe Experience Platform Data Collection Server property

14.2.1 Update your Datastream

In Exercise 0.2, you created your own [Datastream]. You then used the name --demoProfileLdap-- - Demo System Datastream.

In this exercise, you need to configure that [Datastream] to work with your [Data Collection Server property].

To do that, go to https://experience.adobe.com/#/data-collection/. You'll then see this. In the left menu, click [Datastreams].

In the top right corner of your screen, select your sandbox name, which should be --aepSandboxId--.

Search for your [Datastream], which is named --demoProfileLdap-- - Demo System Datastream. Click your [Datastream] to open it.

You'll then see this. Click [+ Add Service].

Select the service Event Forwarding. This will show you 2 additional settings. Select your Event Forwarding property, which you created in the previous exercise and which is named --demoProfileLdap-- - Demo System (DD/MM/YYYY) (Edge). Then select Development under Environment. Click Save.

Your datastream has now been updated and is ready for usage.

Your datastream is now ready to work with your [Event Forwarding property].

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