8 - Adobe Journey Optimizer: External data sources and custom actions

Adobe Journey Optimizer - External Weather API, SMS Action & more

Author: Wouter Van Geluwe

In this module, you'll use Adobe Journey Optimizer to listen to customer behavior, both online and offline, and respond to it in an intelligent, contextual and real-time way. You've already had an initial hands-on experience with Adobe Journey Optimizer in Module 6. In this exercise, you'll go a bit deeper and explore a more advanced use case whereby external data sources are used as part of a journey.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to create events, external data sources and journeys in Adobe Journey Optimizer

  • Learn how to consume weather information from the Open Weather API

  • Learn how to use custom action destinations like Twilio and Slack from Adobe Journey Optimizer


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Architecture Overview

Have a look at the below architecture, which highlights the components that will be discussed and used in this module.

Business Context

As a brand, you've invested heavily in personalizing online experiences. Now, you want to be as contextual and relevant for offline experiences. In this module, you'll use a customer's presence in an offline store to then deliver a personalized experience inside the store by showcasing relevant content to that customer on our in-store screens and at the same time, we want to deliver a personalized Push or SMS Message to that same customer, all in real-time. As a brand, you also understand that context greatly impacts a customer's interest, so you want to bring in the current weather information of that customer's location, to decide what content or promotion to display.

Sandbox to use

Kindly refer to Exercise 0.0 for instructions on how to find your Sandbox ID and other identifying values.


8.1 Define an event

Learn how to define a custom event using Adobe Journey Optimizer.

8.2 Define an external data source

Learn how to configure an external data source using Adobe Journey Optimizer.

8.3 Define a custom action

Learn how to define an external action using Adobe Journey Optimizer.

8.4 Create your journey and messages

Combine events, data sources and actions into an intelligent and contextual journey.

8.5 Trigger your journey

Trigger your specific journey.

Summary and benefits

Summary of this module and overview of the benefits.

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