0.0 Which environment do I use?

Getting Started - Which environment do I use?

Previous iterations of this Tutorial referenced a Chrome Extension and Config ID; however, those features are being retired.

You may still access the documentation here.

Throughout this tutorial, you will see the following keys:




Org-specific identifier: alphanumeric string of form xxxxxxxx@AdobeOrg

AEP Tenant ID


Org-specific identifier

Sandbox ID


Environment-specific identifier

Demo Profile LDAP


Your full email address (non-Adobe employees), or text before the @-symbol in your email address (Adobe employees)

Please use the instructions below to get the values for each of these keys, and replace keys with said values as necessary.


An organization (Org ID) is the entity that enables an administrator to configure groups and users, and to control single sign-on in the Experience Cloud.

You can view your organization ID, along with other account information, using a the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+i from any page at https://experience.adobe.com to open up the Data Debugger.

Under the 'User Information' tab, you will find the 'Current Org ID' field, which has the IMS Org ID.


The AEP Tenant ID can be found in the URL: https://experience.adobe.com/#/@xxxx

For example, the AEP Tenant ID for https://experience.adobe.com/#/@aeppartner1 would be '_aeppartner1'

Please remember to prepend an underscore ('_') before the Tenant ID when using it for AEP purposes.


The Sandbox ID is an identifier for the AEP environment a user is working in.

It can be found in the URL after 'sname': https://experience.adobe.com/#/@aeppartner1/sname:xxxxx

For example, the Sandbox ID for https://experience.adobe.com/#/@aeppartner1/sname:aepenablementyfy21 would be 'aepenablementyfy21'


The LDAP is your full email address (non-Adobe employees), or text before the @-symbol in your email address (Adobe employees)

Adobe Employees: If your email address is vangeluw@adobe.com, the LDAP you enter here should be vangeluw)

Kindly reach out to your sandbox administrator or spphelp@adobe.com if you have any difficulties with access

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